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​We stock a wide range of commercial vehicle and LCV brake pads under the oe2 and Juratek brands, in addition to genuine original equipment product.
All our brake pads for LCV & HCV are fully approved to the European standard.  The standard was established to control the performance, manufacture, distribution, sales and installation of replacement brake pads.

Juratek's range of brake pads is one of the largest in Europe, manufactured to strict quality standards and approved to ECE R90 (Regulation 90) as are the oe2 own brand.

Juratek offer two distinct ranges in the Juratek Friction Programme, OEC1/1 Standard and OEC2 Premium 

OEC1/1 offers outstanding performance and fade resistance.

OEC2 offers a high level of performance, stable with both speed and temperature, giving excellent resistance to pad wear over the full range of operating temperatures.
We also stock an extensive range of commercial vehicle brake drums and discs covering truck, trailer, PSV and light commercial applications. 
We stock a range of lined brake shoes (primarily with Don or Lumag linings) which we can service exchange or we can arrange for your shoes to be re-lined.

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